Greenspace Professionals offer help with neighborhood pond maintenance and daily upkeep for the communities surrounding Overland Park Kansas. If you need assistance please email

Plant Sales

We offer a large variety of aquatic plants both for ponds and floral arrangements. Including lotus, horsetail and some kind of plant with yellow flowers that I forgot the name of but will update here as soon as I can. Feel free to contact Duckband if you have requests or questions.

Before Picture

Here is a picture of a pond in an Overland Park suburb before work has been done to remove unwanted vegetation and general maintenance.

Vegetation Removal

We can clear unwanted vegetation and plants from your pond.

Leak Analysis

We can investigate and advise on leaky pond issues.

Fish Stocking

We can stock your pond with a variety of fish suitable for your pond.

Animal Control

We can offer advice and help with humane animal control methods for geese and muskrats.

Trash Removal

We can rid your pond of unsightly trash and debris.

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